Friday, September 7, 2012

Prettiest Collard Green Taco

Prettiest Collard Green Taco

I’m nuts & sprouts about leafy green wraps. Get a strong leaf like collard or cabbage and you can really load them up. These are such a nice light alternately to bread or a tortilla and so much prettier to look at – not to mention it won’t weigh you down when you still need all your energy during the day. I was turned on to these leafy delights when I first stumbled upon Sarah Britton’s Raw Taco and now enjoy them a few times a week. 

You can put just about anything in these and I do. I always include avocado, nuts, dried cranberry or raisins and any kind of vegetable that you’r in the mood for.

Think you won't get calcium and protein eating a collard wrap? Well here's something you might not have know. Dark leafy greens such as kale, and collard  have calcium?  So do many seeds and nuts 
among other amazing benefits. check out the links above for more info

Suggested Fillings
Avocado sliced or mashed
Roasted red peppers
Shaved carrots
Cherry tomatoes cut in half - they are much sweeter than large tomatoes
Thinly sliced cucumber
Sunflower, pumpkin or hemp seeds
Cranberry or raisins
Sprouts such as clover, arugula or alfalfa all loaded with nutrients
Onion sliced thin
Veggie patties crumbled – I use leftovers s a lot here
Ground walnuts with cumin
Cashew cream

Remove stem from collard green, you will have two pieces of the leaf now and overlap them – this will give more strength to the leaf.
I like to add any spreads I’m using first then top with any of the mentioned above.
season to your liking - I personally just use the Nama Shoyu it's naturally a little salty and flavorful.

How to Hold It:
Be sure when you pick up the wrap that you are picking up the bottom leaf to and hold it in the palm of your hand – you might need the assistance of your other hand, and fold it in like a taco to prevent spilling and eat. It’s really not as messy as you may think.

Why I Love Nama Shoyu:
I like to sprinkle a little Noma Shoyu on top– it’s like soy sauce but so much better because it’s healthy. It’s unpasterized which means it contains living enzymes, beneficial probiotics, made with spring water and is naturally low in sodium unlike Soy Sauce which contains everything you shouldn’t consume like MSG and refined salt.

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  1. these look fantastic! i think i will make some this afternoon :D


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