Friday, September 28, 2012

Quinoa Sushi Roll

Quinoa Sushi Roll

I’m loving this veggie sushi roll made with quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) instead of the traditional white or brown rice –don’t get me wrong that’s good too but I always felt hungry again soon after eating it. Instead why not pack it with protein and yes calcium– all this in a veggie roll!!!! Quinoa is also fun to eat because this whole grain/seed food kinda pops in your mouth. I came upon this alternative while browsing one of my favorite food blogs, My New Roots. and now I want to share this slightly altered version with you. The recipes there are so imaginative and simple to prepare at home. So here it is.  I’ve made a couple changes and you can too. The fillings you choose are endless, it can even be sweet!
What is Quinoa? A whole grain like seed, that is slightly nutty and puffy when cooked and packed with nutrition!
Benefits of quinoa:  very high in protein, calcium and fiber, bone builder and brain food. and is gluten free. Click on link to read more.

What you need
Sushi roll mat
Nori Wraps – untoatsted

Quinoa Cooking Instructions
1. 1 1/2 cups quinoa rinsed well until the water becomes clear – at first water will look cloudy. The best way to rinse is using a strainer with quinoa inside running water over it.
Rinsing the quinoa removes it’s bitterness.
2. Put in medium sized pot.
3. Add 3 cups water. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer covered for 20 minutes. Comes out perfect!
4. Remove from heat and let cool in bowl – add sauce - instructions below

Ingredients for Sauce to add to Quinoa
2 Tbsp Noma Shoyu - soy sauce that is raw and unpasterized - click on link for more info
1 Tbsp agave or maple syrup
1 Tbsp brown rice vinegar
pinch red pepper flakes
1 tsp Umeboshi Paste (optional -  this is a plum paste)

mix the above and add to quinoa

Instructions for Sushi Roll
1.Use sushi roll matt lay shiny side down. Add the quinoa first, I spread a good amount as noticed on the pic – close to half a sheet. Add add your other ingredients on top and finish with sprouts.
Rolling is tricky at first. As you roll be sure to pick up both ends and middle as you roll – keep it tight as possible. When you reach the end of the wrap I add a tad of water to help seal it. I dip my finger in a bowl of water to ensure just a little is used.
2. Use a very sharp knife to cut the roll and wipe the blade in between slices to keep it clean.

Suggested Fillings
Avocado sliced or mashed
Grated carrots
Grated cauliflower
Thinly sliced cucumber
Hemp seeds
Dried cranberry or raisins or mango
Sprouts such as clover, arugula or alfalfa all loaded with nutrients
Sesame seeds
Green Leaf
Thin sliced peppers


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