Sunday, September 2, 2012

Soaked Raw Rolled Oats

Raw Rolled Oats with Coconut Milk, Hemp Seeds, Walnuts & Banana

In the summer I enjoy a bowl of cool raw rolled oats that have been soaked overnight in non-dairy milk such as coconut, hemp or soy. Choosing to go raw with many foods maintains the foods nutrients, living enzymes and energy where as heat destroys its valuable properties.
In The morning I wake up to soft oatmeal that is creamy, from here you can add many things such as maple syrup, nuts, dried fruit, banana, chia seeds, hemp seed etc. or you can keep it simple and just add the syrup.
There are weeks when I eat this every morning.

½ cup dry rolled organic oats – not instant
3/4 cup non dairy milk more if need to cover the oats

Combine the above and cover in the fridge overnight.

Maple syrup
Hemp seeds
Soaked walnuts
½ banana


  1. this is awesome.. so much better than boring warm oatmeal.. and it is organic...

  2. looks wonderful, Diana. :) Am trying to empty out our pantry - will try the last of my oats like this with some beautiful raspberries I just picked up.


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