Monday, October 29, 2012

Neighbor's Garden Collard Greens

The little leaf on top is mine - you can see how large the leaf is

Collard Greens with Quinoa

Late last night while walking my dog I ran into my neighbor who quickly told me about his garden and all the vegetable he had grown and how he had to give some away because there was just too much. Are you sure I said?  So we walked over to his van where in the back was a basket of green leaves, the largest most beautiful organic collard greens I had every seen. If a policeman had shown up it would have been a funny site being it was 10:30 pm dealing vegetables in the back of his van. The leaves were so large that rolling them and wrapping them was the only way they would fit in my fridge.  I was determined to prepare these the next day but the only way I can eat this amount before going bad  is to sauté them where they will shrink in size!!
Today for lunch I sautéd half of the leaves in coconut oil and Noma Shoyu, which is unpasterized soy sauce and added some cooked quinoa I had made yesterday and tossed on top a little dried cranberry. This simple lunch took 5 minutes to assemble, tastes yummy and is totally healthy.

Collard greens - remove the rib by tearing of the leaf 
1 tsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp Noma Shoyu or Tamari
quinoa - as much as you like
fresh chopped parsley - optional
dried cranberry

Add coconut oil to large deep pot with the Noma Shoyu
Saute’ greens for one minute then add quinoa and sauté for 30 seconds and remove

Put in bowl and add cranberry or seeds.

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