Friday, October 26, 2012

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary A Place to Love

Diana & Jeff above getting to know the animals

weekly volunteer above

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
is an extraordinary place that rescues and gives home and shelter to pigs, cows, sheep, turkeys, goats, chickens who come from abuse and neglect. Each of these animals have a story to tell such as the veal calf Mike Jr. who escaped a slaughterhouse and was chased for hours and now lives freely among pastures, an then there is Archie the pig who by his injuries when found near a fire station was assumed to have jumped off a moving truck now lives happily at the sanctuary among other pigs.

You can meet these beautiful animals up close and many others at the sanctuary because they are open to the public and give tours with stories. You can bring your lunch and sit at a picnic table surrounded by the Catskill mountains, and the friendly goats, while watching the animals enjoy their freedom, see them play, sleep, and eat – its so much fun. If you have kids it’s much better than a zoo.

This summer I volunteered at the sanctuary where I helped rake, and shovel for a few hours, whatever they needed I was glad to do. The best part is being up close to the animals and petting them and seeing how the goats love to get close and nuzzle against your leg, or pet the pig who is resting, and walk with cows where I for the first time touched and looked straight into their eyes. Magical.

Below are a few pics. The Sanctuary is always looking for volunteers and especially donations. Please check out the link and see what they’re all about.

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