Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anything Goes Cabbage Taco

Anything Goes Cabbage Taco 

This cabbage taco happens to be the feature image at the top of my blog - however,  I’ve not written a post about it and thought I should since a few people have asked including my mom. What I love about using cabbage is the sturdiness, and it keeps its shape even after I've loaded all the ingredients, not to mention it’s incredibly healthy and pretty too. I have one of these often for lunch using whatever vegetables and leftovers are in the fridge and that sometimes includes using lentils, grains and beans which contain lots of protein, calcium and minerals.

I like to layer the ingredients and always include mashed avocado as the base and maybe a dollop on top.

Nutritional Highlights of Cabbage - Taken from Encyclopedia of Healing Foods
Cabbage is a nutrient dense low calorie food containing lots of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, Vitamin B6, biotin, CALCIUM, magnesium and manganese. Most important is the phytochemical content and powerful anticancer compounds.

White, purple, or savoy cabbage are strong leaves to use.

Suggested Fillings – I like to add about 5 different ingredients maybe more 
Cherry tomato
Grain such as quinoa or millet both high in protein and minerals
Raisins or dried cranberry for a little sweetness - I always use 
Raw unsalted seeds – such as pumpkin, chia, sunflower or hemp
Raw nuts unsalted
Shaved or grated carrot, cucumber, daikon or red radish
Sprouts such as clover, broccoli or alfalfa – very nutritious
Seitan – has protein
Garbonzo beans
Cashew cream
Tamari or Noma Shoyu – I use this instead of salt
Nutritional yeast contains B12 and tastes cheesy

etc etc etc

How do you like your cabbage taco

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