Friday, January 11, 2013

Banana Cashew Cake with Chocolate Cherry Sorbet

has the consistency of cheese cake
the clear wrap will make lifting out dessert easier

chocolate cherry sorbet ingredients ready for blending

moments later we have sorbet

Banana Cashew Cake with Chocolate Cherry Sorbet and Walnut Date Crust

Here's something to try this weekend! Chocolate Cherry Sorbet just the sound of that alone should have you climbing and clawing  your way to the kitchen. Even if you can't make this cake anytime soon at least try the sorbet with takes just minutes to put together,  eat it alone or top it elsewhere:)

Off the bat I will say don’t be put off by the steps in the recipe because they are simple steps to achieve this 3 layer decadence not to mention they are the cutest little desserts.

I’ve posted my raw banana cashew cake here on the blog before but this one has a twist in that I wanted to make individual servings with an impressive topping of some kind. I thought a chocolate mousse sounded good but I didn’t have everything I needed, which is kinda cool because it forced me to come up with an alternative and one I hadn’t tried before.  I had frozen fruit in the freezer specifically organic dark cherries and I thought how wonderful it would be to mash these up in the processor with a little cacao and maple syrup,  to create something similar to sorbet.

This is a raw dessert and doesn’t require any baking and is loaded with healthy ingredients.

My friends next door tried these and are already asking for the recipe

Total time about 1 hour
Makes 7- 8 cups

¾ cup walnut
¾ cup medjool or deglet dates chopped
½ tsp vanilla extract
pinch sea salt

Add the crust ingredients to food processor and blend until crumbly. The mixture should stick together when you press it

 Using small bowls or cups place a piece of clear wrap in each bowl followed by a small bit of the crust. Press the crust firmly to the inside base of the bowl and half way up. Place the bowl in the freezer to set while you make the cashew banana filling.

Meanwhile make your filling

Banana Cashew Cake Filling
¼ cup melted raw coconut oil
¼ cup agave or maple syrup
1 cup cashew soaked overnight
½ tsp vanilla extract
juice of one medium lemon
1 ½ mashed banana

Add the ingredients in the order listed above to high powered blender such as Vitamix or in food processor. If using processor pause to scrape sides.
The mixture should be very creamy. Pull the cups of crust out of the freezer and fill each one with two cookie scoop size of the filling, smooth it out and put back in freezer. Now make the cherry sorbet

Chocolate Cherry sorbet
1 cup frozen cherries
2 Tbsp raw cacao powder
½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp lemon zest
2 Tbsp maple syrup

Add all ingredients in food processor and blend till smooth. Transfer to a bowl and put in the freezer for about 45 minutes to firm up – you’ll achieve the balls easier when scooping. Once it hardens a bit but still soft to scoop go ahead and scoop one small size to each cup of your cake.

You can store these covered in the freezer and transfer to  fridge for about an hour before eating them. You can try storing them in fridge instead but not sure how sorbet would react.

I was eating these in less than two hours – they firm up quickly.

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  1. This dessert is perfect, not too sweet and very light :)


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