Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creamy Coconut Butter in One Minute

Right image is the shredded coconut and left is the creamy butter after blending - yum!

Creamy Coconut Butter  - the  meat of the coconut is pureed into a creamy delicious butter.

Man oh man I have been giddy for the last hour at having discovered how to make coconut butter at home. It’s super duper easy!  In fact I have a jar of it in the kitchen I purchased a while back but am running low. However, I had two mason jars full of dry shredded coconut which is all I needed to make my butter,  yes it’s dry but once it gets moving in the blender at high speed it starts to heat up and the oils begin to release and the dry coconut will begin to cream. It took just one minute to make my butter. This will be great in  desserts, which I will soon share, or spread on bread topped with a bit of preserves or sliced bananas for the kiddos,  on top of ice cream, in smoothies for a glass of tropic, and fruit salads.


3 Cups dry unsweetened shredded coconut makes ½ cup butter

A powerful blender works best I used my Vitamix and it was perfect.

Add coconut to blender and blend on medium speed, I used the plunger that comes with my Vitamix to keep coconut down near the blade scraping the sides, as it starts to break down I increased the speed to high. In one minute it was creamy.

I transferred the butter to a jar and will store this in my pantry. The butter will solidify in cooler temperatures and soften in warm.

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