Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vibrant Green Smoothie

Vibrant Green Smoothie

I’ve always been a healthy person but not quite as so as the last two years. There were a couple of instances in my life that made me become more healthy, vegan (for ethical reasons) and conscientious about the quality of food, and it’s natural healing affects on the body, mind and moods. An emergency hospital situation and losing my long time dog Bozzy had me stunned by the conventional treatments and lack of nutritional knowledge I witnessed during these two events. I vowed from that moment to learn as much as I could about wellness, nutrition, and the fact that many physicians push pharmaceuticals and rarely discuss the power of plant based foods for healing. In fact, many conventional  doctors don’t study nutrition in schools, which I found shocking – who knew! I’ve become stronger in my convictions and am able to communicate better when confronted in situations I feel deserve more thought and alternative.

Here’s one recently by a vet concerning my dog who wasn’t eating and was totally out of it. “feed your dog white rice and chicken, I know white rice is not nutritious but it digests better than brown rice” 
I knew the truth but wasn’t about to have a confrontation about the incorrect information regarding brown rice vs white or maybe another whole more appropriate grain to feed instead. White rice consumed is much harder to digest because it is so refined and stripped of nutrients and once digested can cause bloat- not what I want to give to my sick dog who isn’t eating.

Plant based raw foods are loaded with nutrients and when consumed on a daily bases will have you feeling vibrant, more energized,  clear headed (and might make your cheeks rosier as they did for me)
through out the day. Avoid if possible heavier foods and save those for dinner where you can burn them off during sleep. Coffee in the afternoon might bring you up but you will crash soon after, notice how you might feel tired? Heavier foods in the day exhaust your body while it tries to digest and break down the food – have a fresh veggie juice instead or a light salad with sprouts, seeds and an avocado.

Personal story here: My longtime boyfriend Jeff travels a lot and works long hours on shoots with meals late in the evening which at the time included meat. I’ve known him 16 years and 14 of those included dealing with his bad allergies especially in the spring and migraines frequently. Since being a healthy vegan he no longer has allergies and never has migraines. Food for thought here.

I love this green smoothie in the morning or afternoon, might not sound so delicious but when you think of it’s nutritional power who cares. You will feel great and upbeat and that’s what counts,  the addition of banana or apple will sweeten it naturally and the lemon will cut the grassy taste as well as add loads of enzymes.

This is just one version of course among many
½ cup water
Kale – has calcium
Spinach - iron
Handful cilantro and parsley – great dextoxifier
1 banana
Juice of lemon or lime
1/2 inch chopped ginger
Spirulina – Optional – green sea vegetable in powder form is a superfood loaded with protein and other great stuff

Add  the water and all of ingredients to powerful blender and blend until smooth. Drink fast because the  nutrients become less powerful as it sits. 


  1. green smoothies are the best. i still haven't purchased spirulina but it's on my list :D

  2. Hey Ann
    let me know how you like it. It does thicken up the smoothie quite a bit.


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