Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Probiotic Enzyme Beauty Salad

Probiotic Enzyme Beauty Salad/Saurekraut
Makes two 32 oz jars

One large head cabbage red or green or combination
Sea salt - non iodized 
Spring water

Optional add in
2 inches grated ginger per jar
Red miso paste
And others I’m sure

Here’s why you will love this cabbage slaw! It’s a bit like sauerkraut
Probiotic simply means beneficial bacteria”: "It promotes digestion and healthy digestive tract, cleanses acidic waste, cleanses the colon, beneficial to immune system, increases energy and promotes healthy skin it’s a beautifying salad!"
This is incredibly easy to prepare and much cheaper than buying a probiotic in the store.

I discovered this most awesome, make me gorgeous inside and out beauty salad two years ago when I read Kimberly Snyder’s book Beauty Detox. From this book I learned simple things I didn’t know which made a lot of sense. For instance why did I have bloat when I was eating tons of raw fruit and vegetables? The answer, because I wasn’t’ eating them properly or in the right order.  I was eating fruit, which digest fastest, on a full stomach of raw veggies and grains, which take a little longer to digest. What happened was the fruit sitting on top of slower digested foods wasn’t able to pass therefore rotting and causing serious bloat. Once I discovered to eat fruit on an empty stomach my bloat went away. Voila!
Going back to the probiotic slaw, which really just means good bacteria. Here it is again,
It promotes digestion and cleanses acidic waste, cleanses the colon, increases energy and promotes healthy skin it’s a beautifying salad!
To read more of the benefits visit Kimberly Snyder's post about the probiotic salad. Watch her short video on how to make this awesome slaw.

Note the sea salt and spring water is the brine needed to ferment the cabbage. I make 3 jars at a time since I try to eat this everyday. When I get low I make another batch.

1. Sterilize the jars and lids and back of wooden spoon in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Remove and drain liquid on clean paper towels. Everything you use should be sterilized, the bowl for cut cabbage doesn’t need to be just be sure it’s clean.

2. Slice the cabbage thinly and place in large bowl. May need to do this in two batches.
Reserve a few uncut large cabbage leaves – you will need this
Sprinkle sea salt onto the cabbage and massage the cabbage working in the salt. Put enough salt so that you taste it on the cabbage – this is needed for the brine. If using caraway seeds or grated ginger you can add it here. Transfer to the sterilized jars and pack the cabbage tightly using the back of a wooden spoon, add more cabbage and continue packing we want very little air and space. Leave about two inches free space at top.  Add the spring water to the jar of cabbage until it reaches just the top of the cabbage. Now add the reserved large cabbage leaves and fill up the remainder two inch space in the jar, when done add the lid and seal tightly.  Place in a dark dry place that’s 65 to 70 degrees adding a kitchen towel around the jar will add more warmth if needed.

3. Allow to ferment for 5 days. You will notice bubbles in the kraut that means we are working up some good bacteria/fermentation - healthy stuff here.

I enjoy this on green salad, sandwiches, veggie burgers and wraps, and even on it’s own, it’s a lot like sauerkraut.

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