Friday, July 12, 2013

Backyard Composting

scraps from my kitchen
compost pile filled with veggies, fruit, leaves, grass, coffee grinds
Backyard Composting
Compost is decayed organic material, such as grass, leaves, and food scraps turned into lovely dark rich nutritious soil. It makes excellent fertilizer for my flowers and if I had a veggie garden would definitely use it there. Unfortunately, my property has too much shade, and sun not in the right places. But on my deck I pot flowers and the occasional tomato.

Composting is fun and easy. This is what I do.
Everyday I eat a lot of fruit and veggies which means loads of scraps such as the skins of lemons, avocado, onion, melon and thick stems from leafy greens and anything that may have spoiled in the fridge, which is rare. Along with the veggies I add used organic coffee grinds and organic tea. I keep a large bowl in the kitchen and discard all of the scraps into it, I fill it up about twice a day where it then gets dumped into my compost pile in the backyard. I have two piles that I rotate. When I first started composting I added the scraps to both by the following year (much sooner) everything had turned to a dark rich nutrient soil. I transferred one of the piles to the other and used it for planting. The now empty one would be filled with more veggies scraps along with cut grass, mulched leaves, and ashes from the fireplace.
The sun and warmth along with all the bugs, worms and other critters break down the material, I love seeing all the bugs in there it means they are doing their job life is harmonious. I stir the compost with a large pitchfork every couple of weeks.

There are many things that can be added to the compost but never any meat, processed foods, I don’t even add cooked food, but that’s just me, nor animal poop just pure clean organic material. Ashes are great because they add acid but too much is not good so I use just a little.

Because the compost is rich in nutrients and totally organic, I’ve found that my plants grow much nicer, fuller, taller and last longer. I’ve also discovered I have less bugs if any. It’s amazing to see the difference. 

My containers are wire about 3 ft wide and tall in a cylinder shape. There are many options available or ones you can make yourself, or you can just dump it in a spot somewhere. I have a lot of deer that come by and enjoy some of the scraps, I don’t mind.

If you like gardening consider composting, it’s easy and rewarding and recycling is a great way to use those scraps.

Have you tried composting? Ever wanted to? What's in your compost?

A simple search online will delve into exciting compost info, bins, and how it works


  1. Di Bezi, you are magical with this blog and the way you combine your photos!

    1. Thanks so much Marilynn! your support means a lot


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