Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sprouted Lentil, Fruit and Avocado Goodness

Sprouted Lentil, Fruit and Avocado Goodness
Woke up a little later than usual today 8:30 instead of 7:30 and that’s because I slept really good, which isn’t always the case since my mind is so active. It seems I do too much thinking when I should be sleeping, but last night I doze off. Could have been the weights I lifted followed by yoga and the two brisk walks with my dog, in all it pooped me out. Waking up late throws things off a bit but moving fast and deliberately makes up for it. I walked a mile with my dog, fed her and dashed off to yoga, no juice or smoothie to start the day but had an almond, coconut date ball for times like this to tide me over. After the gym it was a mad dash to hit 3 food markets in 30 minutes before a 1:00 vet visit for my sweet Alice – and that’s another story.
Finally, I got home, made a green juice followed by this amazing lunch of sprouts and fruit, it’s got so much going on, it’s crunchy from the lentil sprouts and pear and soft too with avocado and banana, the maple syrup a perfect finish. I made a big batch of lentil sprouts this week and really needed to use them up and this was a great way.  Having a variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds currants will allow for impressive healthy meals and snacks that quickly come together, this bowl of lovely-ness took no time at all.

Note: perfect for breakfast, lunch or snack – a powerhouse bowl of goodness for energy and health.

Here was my portion but add what you like
1/3 cup lentil sprouts
¼ avocado
½ banana
1 pear or apple
hemp seeds
2 medjool or deglet dates
Pure maple syrup

Add to a bowl, mix it up and enjoy!

Below are lentil sprouts I made this week and the process to sprout your own!

Lentil Sprouts
Sprouting lentils is so easy and takes about 2 days with very low maintenance. They are crunchy and easily digestible, by sprouting you are increasing the vitamin and mineral content, which is super rewarding when ingested – think Popeye. You can eat them by themselves, blend them in a smoothie or include them in your salads and other foods. They’re even great for your dog and my dog loves them. Especially great is the money you save, buying sprouts cost much more than a large bag of dry lentils, which you can easily sprout at home. One cup of dried lentils makes about two cups sprouted.

Here is my process:  add dry lentils to 32 oz mason jar, fill with water cover with lid and place in dark place such as a kitchen cabinet overnight. After about 12 hours remove the lentils and rinse well. Place the lentils back in the jar, do not add water, cover lid opening with piece of paper towel and secure with the ring part of the lid allowing air to pass - return to the kitchen cabinet and lay jar on it's side. Rinse again after 8-12 hours and repeat placing in cabinet. You will see sprouts, tails, within two days. Store in the fridge with lid.

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