Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Whole Grain Breakfast Bowl with Almond Date Cream

Whole Grain Breakfast Bowl with Almond Date Cream
Lately I’ve been eating a lot of whole grains for breakfast and lunch in both savory and sweet. Sometimes it’s left over grains from dinner or I just might cook a cup of grains keeping them on hand for quick meals. Whole grains are unprocessed and provide a lot of fiber, B vitamins, E and other good stuff. For breakfast I had some wheat berry on hand and like spelt, faro and barley it’s got a great chewy texture which makes it fun to it eat and can be balanced out with banana and dates. For creaminess I soaked some almonds and combined them with dates and water in a blender, this took the place of milk and sweetens up the breakfast. ½ cup of grain with the additions make for a perfect energized portion. Just to mention, I soaked the walnut, almond and dates to liven them up and release it’s nutrients making them more valuable and digestible.  I did this when I woke, and can be soaked before going to bed, but it’s not necessary, though encouraged.

Almond Date Cream
Serves 3
¼ soaked raw almonds
2 medjool dates - soaked if not soft
2/3 cup spring water 

Combine the above in a blender until creamy

Breakfast Bowl
½ cup cooked wheat berry  1:2 parts water 55-60 minutes - drain excess
Cliced Banana
Soft medjool or deglet dates - chopped
Raw Walnuts 
Hemp seed
Pinch cinnamon or grated nutmeg

Add ½ cup grain to a small bowl and top with banana, walnut additional dates, hemp seed, and almond date cream.

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  1. Wheat Berries in the morning? I could give it go. I am getting tired of oatmeal.


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