Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creamy Delicious Almond Milk

Creamy Delicious Almond Milk
I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to make fresh nut milk at home, and ask myself why it took so long. I assumed there was more involved until I searched, and voila not so – silly me, just a few simple steps to create fresh delicious milk at home. The result is incredibly creamy, and now I’m addicted.  It’s fantastic served on top of granola, or try it with your rolled oats or other breakfast porridge. I still wouldn’t cook with it, as I feel it’s wasting, to really enjoy the milk, I serve it after my food has been prepared – I find for the dollar, it’s best this way but you decide.

Leaving the skins on almonds won’t work here so be sure they are white.

Notes: If you only have almonds with skins on, they easily peel off after soaking. After soaking hold the almond between your thumb and index finger and squeeze the nut, the skin will easily come off just be sure to catch the nut in your other hand.

Equipment: measuring cup, blender, strainer, cheese - cloth or white paper towel

Almond Milk
Makes about 2 cups
1 cup blanched almonds soaked over night no skins
2 cups water
2 tsp pure maple syrup

Rinse the almonds and remove the skins, if you didn’t purchase the blanched ones,
Add the almonds to a high powered blender, I used Vitamix, start with one cup water, add the maple syrup and blend on medium speed to break down the nuts, add the remainder 1 cup water and blend until completely liquefied.

The result will taste a little chalky and this is where the strainer comes in. Use a cheese -  cloth, if you don’t have one a white paper towel will work. Add the cheesecloth or paper towel to a strainer and pour the milk through catching it in a large measuring cup, if using paper towel, you may need to change it a couple of times - what settles in the cloth is ricotta cheese like pulp. After straining, all of the chalkiness is removed and what’s left is a perfectly creamy glass of almond milk.
Store in an airtight jar for up to 3 days.

Diana xo 

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