Monday, August 4, 2014

Sprouted Buckwheat with Berries, Tahini & Cream

sprouted buckwheat with berries

sprouted buckwheat

perfectly cooked buckwheat
a bowl of perfectly cooked buckwheat

Sprouted Buckwheat with Berries, Tahini, Cream
Feeling the beat of summer with seasonal berries for breakfast, there’s many ways to enjoy a bowl of fruity goodness either on their own or sitting on top of granola, grains or sprouts. I can eat a bowl of fruit every morning and still find new ways to enjoy them.
This particular breakfast, lunch or snack really, is just one of many delightful suggestions, I used blueberry and cherry and if you haven’t used a cherry pitter, I suggest running out now to purchase one, it makes using and eating cherries a whole lot easier, but I digress, the berries sit on top a bed of sprouted buckwheat, coconut yogurt, and then topped with lemon zest, salted pistachio, coconut butter and drizzle of tahini, oh and a bit of pure maple syrup. I also enjoy this breakfast on top of granola, or cooked buckwheat, black rice, spelt, brown rice or even barley, or simply just on it’s own topped with cream and all the other goodies. You decide!

A look inside the bowl!
½ cup sprouted buckwheat
spoonfuls of cashew cream or non dairy yogurt 
Handful fresh, not frozen, cherries and blueberries
Drizzle tahini
Coconut butter
Salted pistachio
Lemon zest
Pure maple syrup

Add all to a pretty bowl in order listed above

PS. After putting all your ingredients in the bowl – take a pretty picture.
XOXO Diana

Thanks to So Delicious dairy free products for including me in their “Save Summer Campaign” it’s been a blast coming up with delicious recipes using their yummy dairy alternatives.

Sprouting Buckwheat
1. Add buckwheat groats to a bowl and fill with purified water, let soak for 15 minutes then rinse very well, soaking any longer causes a gelatinous texture not appropriate for sprouting.

2. Place a paper towel in a bowl and add the rinsed buckwheat and cover bowl with additional paper towel at room temp, rinse about twice a day and place back in bowl. Sprouts form in 24-48 hours. Store in glass jar in the fridge.

Enjoy in smoothies, breakfast, in salads, or grind to make buckwheat flour.

great video on how to sprout buckwheat

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