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No Bake Chocolate Brownie with Smoked Paprika

raw chocolate brownie

vegan chocolate ganache

No Bake Brownie with Smoked Paprika and Chili Topped with Melted Chocolate
I’m  loving smoked paprika right now! I’m using it in so many of my comfort food meals lately, but the paprika has got to be good. I didn’t realize how good smoked paprika was until I purchased some in bulk from my local health food store. Talk about the amazing aroma, it gets me so excited and really inspires me. In fact, forgetting I had it sitting on the shelf above my kitchen table, I’d walk by it and mention to my husband that I smell the wood burning stove, which by the way is in the country and when I made the statement I was in the city. Looking up at the shelf there was my smoked paprika, that’s how fragrant it is! Wasn’t sure how chocolate and smoked paprika would pair together but I figured it just might and it does! In this recipe it’s not subtle, I really use it!

For the chocolate layer topping I chose to melt a chocolate bar rather than use cocoa powder and coconut oil, I love the creamy texture. And, before you think melting chocolate is too difficult you will discover otherwise – too simple - just as simple as melting coconut oil

I used some pitted prunes hear because I know it pairs well with chocolate. However, if you prefer not to try the prunes use more dates. But, the prunes are a nice touch.

The below recipe is a small batch using a glass Pyrex loaf pan, try this before doubling the recipe, but if you double you may not want to double the paprika, and I don’t think you will need to double the chocolate ganache since there will be left over.

Brownie Ingredients
makes about 16 - 1 inch squares - they are rich so small works well here
1 cup raw walnuts
½ cup raw cocoa powder
pinch sea salt
¼ tsp chili powder
¾ tsp really good smoked paprika
13 soft Medjool dates pitted and chopped  - soak them if necessary and be sure to drain
½ cup prunes chopped – or additional dates
½ tsp pure vanilla extract

¼ cup more walnuts chopped and keep to the side

Method for Brownie
Pulse the walnuts in food processor until crumbly, add the cocoa, sea salt, paprika and chili and pulse until combined. With motor running add the vanilla extract, medjool dates and prunes a little at a time through the feed until it’s all well combined and crumbly. The dough should stick together when pressed between fingers – transfer this to a bowl or plate and add ¼ cup chopped walnuts and incorporate it into the dough.
Line a bread pan with parchment paper and press the brownie mixture evenly with back of spoon – don’t refrigerate yet.

Now make the chocolate ganache!

Melted Chocolate - or Ganache
2 oz 70 % organic chocolate chopped
¼ cup non dairy milk
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
teeny pinch sea salt

Method for Melted Chocolate 
Add the chopped chocolate to a small stainless steel bowl, helps to melt the chocolate
Heat the milk until bubbly and add it to the chopped chocolate, let it sit 45 seconds without stirring, then stir. When it’s all melted add a pinch of sea salt and paprika and stir well, place in the fridge for only 3 minutes to cool and thicken – should still be spreadable.

Now lift the parchment paper with brownie onto a counter or cutting board, pour the chocolate ganache on top of brownie and spread with the back of a spoon. When done lift the brownie still on the parchment paper and place on a plate, do not add back to bread pan or it will mess up the ganache. Place in the freezer to firm for one hour – cut into small squares and store covered in refrigerator do not stack them or they will stick together.


Or try a raw version using coconut oil and cocoa which you can find in a simple search online.

If you try this please leave your comments here would love to know how you liked it!

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  1. This is looking really delicious and I was thinking that can I serve it at my small business event that is being organized at corporate events NYC venues. Do you think it will make a good choice? Please suggest me something, and also suggest some other best things for party!!


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