Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Roasted Potatoes with Creamy Herb Dressing

Roasted Potatoes with Creamy Herb Dressing

Lots of fresh herbs on these roasted potatoes make for a special potato salad. Because it’s a green dressing the end result is not the prettiest until additional fresh herbs are sprinkled on top which then becomes quite lovely – so don’t skip this step.
 I used colored potatoes but will look nicer with all cream colored ones.  Aside from that, the taste is just fantastic as I’ve made this twice in just two weeks!

Creamy Herb Dressing
½ cup raw cashews
1/3 cup + 1 tbsp water
2 tbssp fresh tarragon
2 tbsp fresh dill
2 tbsp Chive
¼ tsp Sea salt
 4 turns black Pepper
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Method for Dressing
Add all to a blender until creamy and set aside.

Potato Salad
24 oz Roasted potatoes
2 tbsp capers
2 tbsp tarragon
2 tbsp chive
2 tbsp dill
2 tbsp rinsed capers
Large pinch sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper

Method for Potatoes
Pre heat oven to 450 line a baking sheet with parchment paper

1. 24 oz small potatoes washed and cut in half.
2. Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, toss well. Place on baking sheet, bake 25 minutes
    until golden       
3. Chop the tarragon, chive and dill combine and set aside
4. Transfer the potatoes to a bowl. Add 3 tbsp of the dressing more if needed, ¾ of the chopped herbs       
    1 tbsp of capers, hefty pinch of sea salt, black pepper and toss well. Taste for seasoning. 
5. Transfer to a pretty serving plate, finish with the remainder herbs and capers. Serve warm 

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