Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chocolate Avocado Coconut Mousse

Chocolate Avocado Coconut Mousse
I’ve got so much avocado lately, sometimes purchasing 15 at a time. I usually buy them very hard and place them in a brown paper bag to ripen. Once they are ripe, I stop the process by storing them in the fridge, this gives me at least another week or two before they start to brown. I Typically don’t buy so many at once, but since making food once a week for the farmer’s market I’ve had to purchase many, and calculating the timing for ripeness is crucial.
I think I have it down. Usually there’s some left over, so why not a little chocolate avocado mousse.
It’s such a delicious healthy snack and perfect for breakfast, it’s both filling and energizing. I just love the creaminess with the crunch of granola, if you don’t have granola top with toasted nuts or seeds.

Serves 2-3
2 whole ripe avocados
3 tbsp peanut butter
2 tbsp coconut butter
3 tbsp pure maple syrup
Sea salt pinch
2 tbsp raw cacao
¼ tsp almond or vanilla extract

Add all to a food processor until deliciously creamy.

I liked this in a cup with granola, berries and banana, though banana seems to go best.
I topped with chocolate coconut crumble but not needed.


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  1. Yum! The ingredients you used to make this creamy chocolate mousse are all so tempting! I love the idea of combining coconut with PB and avocado, plus raw cacao is also super delicious and full of health benefits! :-)


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