lemongrass, ginger, cashew cream with wild berries - gf
quinoa parfait, fruit, lemon cream and chocolate coconut crumble -  gf
chocolate banana chia pudding with warm spices and granola - gf
chai pancakes with roasted strawberry
sprouted buckwheat with berries, tahini & yogurt - gf
creamy banana, strawberry avocado and mint in a cup - raw gf
quinoa with coconut, pistachio and berries - gf
quinoa parfait with raspberry, banana & orange zest - gf
mung beans with pear, banana & peanut butter maple cream - raw gf
blueberry orange ginger crisp - gf
tofu soft serve with berries, nuts and coconut - gf
rolled oats & banana soft serve with coconut butter and nuts - raw gf
whole grain pancakes with raspberries and chocolate sauce 
smoothie rolled oats, fruit, nuts, cacao, date - raw gf
chunky granola - gf
spanish tofu scramble - gf
coconut whip cream - gf
blackberry jam & almond crepe with almond creme
sprouted lentil with apple banana avocado - raw gf

Sweets & Treats

carrot cake with cashew coconut lemon cream - gf
salted cardamom caramel with hazelnuts and chocolate - gf
no bake brownie with smoked paprika - gf
chocolate cherry ancho cake with maple salted pecans
coffee coconut chocolate banana shake - gf
peach and ginger galette
chocolate spice cake
cinnamon spice donut with cinnamon date topping
meyer lemon coconut bon bons - raw gf
coconut lime drops - raw gf
strawberry fennel cake
banana, chocolate, walnut donut
blackberry, ginger, & allspice galette
creamy quinoa pumpkin pudding with coconut whip & maple toasted pecans - gf
molasses ginger cake donuts
pumpkin cashew cake with spiced walnut crust - raw gf
spiced pumpkin donut with spice glaze
quinoa chocolate pudding with coconut whip cream - gf
banana cake with spiced cashew cream
spiced pumpkin cake with spice glaze
almond joy with orange zest - gf
strawberry fennel and orange galette
coconut & almond chocolate bar - gf
peanut butter oatmeal cookie dipped in chocolate ganache
apricot coconut truffle dipped in chocolate ganache - gf
coconut whip cream - gf
oatmeal carrot coconut cookie with chocolate chips
chocolate cardamom cupcake with chocolate whip
peanut butter chocolate coconut macaroons with orange zest - raw gf


millet with pesto, peas, spinach and caramelized onions - gf
hot and sour mushroom soup - gf
smokey empanada with sweet potato black bean
millet with pesto peas and spinach - gf
minestrone soup with brown rice - gf
cauliflower celery root soup - gf
spicy tempeh bolognese sauce gf
creamy roasted tomatillo soup - gf
vegetable tempeh pot pie
grilled corn with coconut butter, lime juice and cayenne - gf
summer grilled veggie sandwich with pesto - gf
kale quinoa salad with edamame and pistachio mint dressing - gf
caribbean tempeh burger with mango salsa and roasted banana - gf
tacos with coconut quinoa, banana and kidney beans - gf
tempeh melt with walnuts and dill
eggplant coconut and tomato stew with basmati rice - gf
flat bread pizza with fennel and sunflower pesto
chickpea red lentil and herbed falafel
smokey baba ganoush - gf
pasta with cauliflower sauce, caramelized onions & roasted veggies - gf
sweet potato & red lentil tomato coconut soup - gf
polenta cake with guacamole - gf
fennel & caramelized onion galette
white bean pasta with fire roasted tomato sauce - gf
pinto bean chili soup - gf
aromatic sweet potato with basmati rice - gf
spicy roasted tomato soup - gf
mushrooms with whole grain mustard sauce on toast - gf
roasted red pepper crostini - gf
spanish tofu scramble - gf
roasted stuffed portabella with tarragon aioli - gf
caramelized onion, portabella, spinach galette
spring tortilla soup - gf
reuben tempeh sandwich with sriracha sauce
spicy chickpea burger with caramelized onions and guacamole
quinoa peas green beans with tahini dressing - gf
eggless salad with tarragon, parsley & chives on toast
forbidden black rice & portabella, cipollini & horseradish dill dressing - gf
quinoa & mango stuffed poblano peppers -gf
tempeh tacos with pineapple salsa - gf
spicy lentil soup with sun dried tomatoes - gf
pineapple & coconut crusted tempeh burger 

Salad & Sides 

kelp noodle salad with peanut sauce - gf
roasted potatoes with creamy herb dressing - gf
summer white bean salad with roasted cherry tomatoes - gf
green bean radicchio salad with roasted garlic, pecans & quinoa - gf
barley with roasted vegetable salad and cilantro lime sauce
black lentil salad with spiced dressing, butternut squash & cranberry - gf
cayenne and dill pickled beets - gf
smoky potato salad - gf
vermicelli with edamame & ginger lime sauce - 
bowl of spring greens, toasted hazelnut & orange zest - gf
kale, red cabbage & snap pea salad with lemon ginger dressing - gf
cabbage taco with sprouts
black bean quinoa salad with roasted red pepper dressing - gf
baked sweet plantains with cilantro lime sauce - gf
vibrant spring roll -gf
sweet roasted radishes - gf
kale avocado salad - gf
petite purple onions roasted with maple glaze - gf
prettiest collard green taco - raw gf

Sweet and Savory Breads & Muffins
carrot cake with cashew coconut lemon cream
whole grain banana bread with walnuts
whole grain yeast free black olive & walnut bread
spiced ginger snacking cake
sweet chipotle corn muffins
sundried tomato & caramelized onion muffin


chunky granola gf
carob seed & coconut bites - raw gf
spicy pumpkin seeds with lime & sea salt


creamy delicious almond milk - gf
smoothie rolled oats, fruit, nuts, cacao, date - raw gf
vibrant green smoothie with arugula parsley cilantro

Dips, Creams, Whips, Sauces & Dressings

sweet and spicy peanut ginger sauce - gf
cashew cinnamon date cream - raw gf
cranberry cashew tahini cream
smoky cheesy tahini dressing with lemongrass - gf
cilantro lime sauce - gf
warm spiced dressing - gf
sweet cashew cream - gf
ginger lime sauce - gf
strawberry tofu cream - gf
tarragon aioli - gf
lemon ginger dressing - gf
srirachi sauce
spicy cashew cream
lemon mayo aioli - gf
tahini ginger sesame dressing - gf
creamy horseradish dill dressing with cashews or tofu - gf
strawberry rose sauce -gf
almond creme - gf
blackberry jam - gf
roasted pepper bbq sauce - gf
roasted red peper dressing - gf
chocolate cardamom whip - gf 
coconut whip cream - gf
coconut butter - gf


  1. Your food looks so delicious! I can't wait to try some of your recipes.

  2. Diana, you are awesome. Every dish you have prepared fpr me has been absolutely delicious. I am amazed at the ingredients you have put together flawlessly. I really wish you would open a small shop in Milford. It is just what the area needs and I would be your #1 customer. I can,t wait to try these recipes.

    1. thanks so much!! I'm actually very interested in opening a cafe in Milford. Just trying to figure it out. thanks for the support


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